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How to Sew a Tablet Stand

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How to Sew a Tablet Stand

Here’s how to sew a tablet stand to hold your tablet, eReader or cellphone.

This is a project that sat on my to-do list for ages, but I finally tackled it over Christmas break.

I usually read at least three books a week, and as much as I love my Kindle, I don’t love how hard it is on my wrist, or how startling it is when I fall asleep reading and it smacks me in the face.

So, I decided to make a tablet stand for my Kindle to sit on.

Front of Tablet Stand

Now, I no longer have to hold my Kindle when I’m reading (good-bye wrist pain and rude awakenings).

This tablet stand keeps my Kindle at the perfect angle, and it’s soft like a pillow, so I just rest it on my stomach, when I’m reading in bed.

Since it’s something I knew I would use every day, I wanted it to be pretty enough to leave out, and no bigger than necessary. Which is why the finished tablet stand is just under six-inches wide. It’s tiny, but mighty.

Tablet Stand Holding Kindle

Thanks to the weighted filling that I used, it has no trouble supporting my Kindle …

Tablet Stand Holding iPad

our iPad …

Tablet Stand Holding Cellphone

and our not-so-smart phone.

Spot for Charging Cord

I included a loop on the back to hold a charging cord. So, I can read, while my Kindle is charging, or use the stand as a charging station.

Tablet Stand Made Out of Vintage Bark Cloth

I dug through my stash of vintage fabric, and used a piece of bark cloth to make two tablet stands – one for our bedroom and one for the living room.

Tablet Stand Made Out of Laminated Cotton

Then, I used a piece of laminated cotton to make a wipeable version for the kitchen. Now, we have a handy spot to stick our tablet, when we’re following a recipe.

Look like something you need in your life? Here’s how to make one.

Tablet Stand Sewing Tutorial

Cut Fabric for Tablet Stand

What You’ll Need:

Optional (but nice to have):

What You Do:

Fabric for Charger Loop

To make the loop for a charger cord, lay the 3″ x 4″ piece of fabric on your work surface, right-side facing down.

Fold Loop Fabric in Half

Then, fold the fabric in half, on the short side.

Fold Top and Bottom to Center Crease

Open the fabric back up, so you can see the crease you just created. Then, fold the top and bottom edges to the center crease.

Fold Fabric in Half to Hide Raw Edges Inside

Fold the fabric in half once more on the short side. This will hide all the raw edges inside.

Sew Along Open Seam to Complete Loop

Then, sew a seam along the open edge to complete your loop.

To sew the tablet stand …

Fold Fabric in Half on the Long Side

Place the 9″ x 12″ piece of fabric on your work surface, right-side down, with the 12″ sides positioned at the top and bottom. Grab the left side, and fold it over to meet the right side. This will give you a 6″ x 9″ piece, with a fold on the left edge.

Starting at the top left corner, measure over two inches and make a mark.

Pin Loop to Center of Top Edge

Then, take the piece that you made for your loop; fold it in half; and pin or clip it to the center of the top edge. The loop part should be facing in and sandwiched between the two layers of fabric.

Sew a Quarter-Inch Seam Along Top and Side Edge

Starting at the mark that you made on the top edge, sew a 1/4″ seam along the top and open side. Trim the corners, when you’re done.

Turn Tablet Stand Right-Side Out

Then, turn the fabric right-side out.

Move Side Seam to Center

Shift the side seam, so that it’s sitting at the center of your fabric.

Draw a Line 3-1/4 Inches Up From Bottom

Then, measure 3-1/4″ up from the bottom edge , and draw a line.

Sew Along the Line

Sew along the line you just drew.

Insert Cardboard in Tablet Stand

Then, insert your cardboard piece, butting it up against the line that you just sewed.

Cardboard Insert for Tablet Stand

I used a matt board scrap for my cardboard piece, but any piece of sturdy, non-corrugated cardboard will do.

Sew Insert in Place

Sew another line just below the cardboard, to hold in in place.

Fold Bottom Edge In and Mark Two Inches From Right Edge

Then, fold the bottom edge in 1/4″, and make a mark 2″ from the right corner.

Sew Along Bottom Edge of Tablet Stand

Start on the mark you just made, and sew across the bottom of the tablet stand, to close the bottom seam.

Fill the Bottom of the Tablet Stand With Stuffing

Use the two-inch gap you left open on the bottom edge, to stuff the bottom of your tablet stand with fiber fill.

Fill Tablet Stand Witch Rice and Stuffing

Then, flip your tablet stand over, so the center seam is on the bottom. This will put the other open seam at the top of your tablet stand.

Stick a funnel in the hole, and fill your tablet stand with two cups of white rice.

Tablet Stand After Filling

Then, fill the rest of the space with fiber fill.

Finished Tablet Stand

Use a hem stitch (aka blind stitch) to close the openings at the top and bottom of your tablet stand, and you’re done!

Tablet Stands in the Shop

Want me to make one for you? I have these tablet stands in my shop in eight different fabrics.

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  1. I loooove this…I too get slapped in the face when I fall asleep with my tablet;) also thank you for the Facebook marketplace tips…I actually printed out the yard and consignment price list to get an idea of what to price stuff. I’m going to trying selling the bulk of my books and movies to the websites your previously recommended…easy peasy. Thank you.

    1. I’m actually going to be doing an update on my Facebook Marketplace post. I set a $ goal to challenge myself, and I’ve already made $161 this week 🙂 I plan to share all my selling tips.

  2. Perfect! Thank you so much.

    Just what I wanted! I almost bought one from Amazon (that wasn’t even cute) but I couldn’t justify the price. Now I can make my own with everything I have in my own home! Thank you so much.

    We are on Social Security so saving anywhere possible is appreciated. 😉

  3. I made one of these this morning. I used a vintage cloth napkin that I had as the fabric. It turned out GREAT! Every night my husband steals one of my pillows before we go to sleep and uses it to prop up his tablet while he reads. This is small enough to keep on the bedside table for when he needs it and my back gets to keep all my pillows. Thanks for the pattern!

  4. good morning,
    i love the homemade tablet stand do you have a printable version of the instructions? I look forward to your emails , thank you so much for sharing .

    1. Hi Karen, I have plans to add printable instructions on all my how-tos, but it isn’t a project I’ve been able to tackle yet. In the meantime, we’ve set up our posts to be print-friendly. When you hit print, it’ll automatically strip off all the ads and extra stuff, so you get a nice clean version of the post.

  5. I made one for myself and realized how useful it is and easy to make, so I made a few for family members. They really like theirs and want me to make some for their friends. I have lots of fabric remnants, so that will finally be put to good use.
    I need to find a good sale on rice now. I did try using some Mardi Gras beads in place of the rice, but I don’t have enough of those to use as a substitute. Thank you for sharing the instructions!!!!

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