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How to Sew a Wristlet Key Fob

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How to Sew a Wristlet Key Fob

These wristlet key fobs are a cinch to make, and a wonderful way to put your favorite fabric scraps to use. They also happen to make a fantastic gift. Give them to teachers, co-workers and anyone else you’d like to acknowledge with a little something. Then, make some more to use as stocking stuffers. This is one gift everyone could use.

Close Up of Fabric Wristlet Key Fobs

Fabric Wristlet Key Fob Tutorial

There are a million and one ways to make a wristlet key fob, but my method is the simplest and sturdiest you’ll find. It doesn’t require any fancy hardware or special tools.

What You’ll Need:

Optional (but nice to have):

The hardware you use is just a matter of personal preference. I like to use a D-ring on the end of my key fobs. This allows me to attach a key ring, which is really all I need. If you want to be able to clip your key fob to a bag, a swivel hook will probably work better for you. But even a simple key ring will get the job done, and I’m betting you have one of those in your junk drawer.

What You Do:

Fabric for Key Fob

Cut the fabric and interfacing to your preferred size. The average women’s bracelet size is seven inches, and the average men’s size is eight inches.

For a six-inch wristlet, cut (1) 4″ x 12.5″ piece of fabric and (1) 4″ x 12.5″ piece of interfacing.
For a seven-inch wristlet, cut (1) 4″ x 14.5″ piece of fabric and (1) 4″ x 14.5″ piece of interfacing.
For an eight-inch wristlet, cut (1) 4″ x 16.5″ piece of fabric and (1) 4″ x 16.5″ piece of interfacing.
For a nine-inch wristlet, cut (1) 4″ x 18.5″ piece of fabric and (1) 4″ x 18.5″ piece of interfacing.

Iron Interfacing on Back of Fabric

Iron the interfacing onto the backside of the fabric, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fold Fabric in Half Lengthwise

Then, lay the fabric on your work surface, right-side down, and fold it in half lengthwise.

Fold Bottom Edge Up to Crease

Now, open, the fabric back up, so you can see the center crease you just made, and fold the bottom edge of the fabric up to the crease.

Fold Top Edge to Crease

Fold the top edge of the fabric down to the same crease.

Fold in Half Again

Then, fold the whole thing in half again, to hide the raw edges inside.

Topstitch Key Fob

Now, take the piece over to your sewing machine, and top-stitch a 1/8-inch seam down both edges. This will close the open seam and add a decorative touch.

Slip Keychain Hardware onto Key Fob

Slip your d-ring or swivel hook over the key fob, and match up the ends, making sure there aren’t any twists in your wristlet.

Sew Ends of Key Fob Together

Then, sew the ends of the key fob together with a 1/4-inch seam. Sew back and forth over the seam a few times to reinforce it.

Slide Keychain Hardware Down to Sewn Seam

Slide the keychain hardware down to the sewn seam.

Flip Key Fob Inside Out to Hide Raw Seam

Then, flip the key fob inside out to hide your raw seam. If your hardware is now facing the wrong direction, be sure to get it turned the right way.

Stitch Across Key Fob to Secure Hardware

Once you’ve done that, sew across the key fob, just behind the hardware, to lock it into place. Go back and forth over the seam a few times to reinforce it, just like you did with the other seam.

Then, add a key ring, and you’re done!

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