I “Dig” My Neighbor

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I "Dig" My Neighbor

Our neighbor just had more insulation added to her attic, which prompted a big attic clean out. We’re talking boxes and boxes of stuff hauled to the curb. We took a peek at her pile, and found plenty of stuff that was worth rescuing. Here’s what we took home:

A suitcase full of vintage red and pink towels.

Osh Kosh Suitcase

A brown carrying case that I plan to use for storage …

Oshkosh Tag

I didn’t know Oshkosh had ever made luggage. Did you?

Snaps and Snap Set

Two snap setters and a lifetime supply of snaps.

Vintage Buttons

A bunch of vintage buttons.

Vintage Ball Jelly Jars

Vintage Ball jelly jars.

A Cookie Display Case

A commerical cookie display case. How fun would this be at a party?

Green Vintage Suitcases

Three olive green suitcases in graduating sizes. I’m thinking these would look cool stacked on the top of a shelf and used for storage.

So, how do you think I did? Would you have hauled this stuff home?

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  1. Hi, Great find. I can’t imagine someone actually throwing out perfectly good towels? To me that’s not only stupid, but a sin. So i’m very happy you and your family can/will use them. The three vintage early 1970’s avocado suitcase are great too. In fact, if they’re in really good condition. You should use them as intended. Any good locksmith in your area can make a new set of keys for the locks if there missing. Although i don’t travel much. I dislike modern luggage. Keep up the good work. And love the site!

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