Is It Safe to Reuse Egg Cartons?

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Reuse Egg Cartons

Egg cartons sell for $.49 each at my local Tractor Supply. The ones my neighbors save for me are free. But is it safe to reuse egg cartons?

Yep. You just need to keep a few things in mind:

First, all eggs sold in the U.S. have to be cleaned before they’re packaged. That means the cartons should be clean when you get them. I’d use them again without a second thought.

If you store your eggs uncleaned (like I do), bacteria could build up in the carton over time. I wash my eggs with vinegar before I use them, so I feel comfortable using my cartons several times before I toss them. If you don’t clean your eggs at all, you may want to think about limiting your cartons to a single reuse. Another option would be to use foam cartons, and clean them each time before you use them. A quick wipe down with vinegar should be all it takes to sanitize them.

Planning to sell your eggs? Check to see what your state says about reusing cartons. Most (if not all) states allow it, but require you to cover up the previous seller’s information (brand, grading, expiration date, etc.).

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