June in My Garden

June in My Garden

By Erin Huffstetler | 06/17/2013 | No Comments
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I ran out between storms today to snap some pictures of my garden. Here’s a look at what’s going on out there:

Grapes in June

So far, netting our grapes seems to be working … the birds haven’t gotten them yet. If we can keep the bugs off of them as they ripen, we may actually have grapes this year!

Apple on Apple Tree

And it looks like we’re still on track for our first apple harvest this year, too. We’re talking about six apples tops, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Lemons on Lemon Tree

The lemon tree that we bought in February is also doing well. Check out those lemons!

Winter Sown Tomatoes

My tomato plants are healthier than any tomato plants that I’ve ever grown. I think it’s because I winter sowed them.

Young Pumpkin Plants

I still have a bunch more pumpkins to plant, but the ones that I’ve gotten in the ground are thriving. They were wintersown, too.

Caged and Mulched Potato Plants

My potato plants are growing faster than I can mulch them. I need to get another layer of leaf mold on them soon.

Onion Bed

Short of watering the onions a few times, I haven’t really had to do anything to them since I planted them. They seem happy in their new bed.

Pepper Plants

My pepper plants are doing okay, but they don’t seem to be doing quite as well as last year’s. I forgot to order pepper seeds when I placed my seed order, so I had to buy plants. That may be the difference. Fertilizer (or lack thereof) may be part of the problem, too. Someone (me) hasn’t gotten around to fertilizing them yet. I like to give them a handful of egg shells every few weeks.

Cantaloupe Starts

I direct-seeded some cantaloupes last week, and every one of them came up. Yay! I’m going to train them up the netting that you see behind them.

Strawberry Damage

More Strawberry Damage

Unfortunately, our strawberries aren’t doing quite as well as everything else … The other night, one of our neighbors decided to take a drunk drive through the most productive section of our patch, and broke several sections of our fence. Hmph. No strawberries for them!

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