Keurig Curb Find

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We were taking our kids to school Friday morning when my husband spotted a Keurig sitting at the curb. He’s wanted one for a long time, so we stopped and picked it up.

When we got home, he tested it, and discovered it wasn’t making full cups. So, he jumped on the Internet, watched a few YouTube videos, and learned how to clean and descale it. The result? A fully-functional Keurig and a happy husband.

I pulled all the free K-cups that I had in my gift closet, so he could start enjoying it right away, and we’ll be ordering a reusable K-cup, so he can fill his own cups with ground coffee (much cheaper).

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  1. Great find!. I had a boss once who picked up an office water cooler that way. He replaced the thermostat and it worked great!

  2. I would love to curb shop; I see things all the time but if there are any family members with me I can’t pick it up because “they are not thrilled at the fact that I want to do this so I pass it up” I get so upset over this. From now on I’m going to hold my ground. I have passed up chairs, kitchen chairs, dressers (I did manage to pick up 2 of them and one I turned into a changing table for my brand new granddaughter; parents loved it.) and so much more. Question: How do I pick up items that I can not fit in my vehicle? I can fit a good bit of things in a vehicle; it depends on what vehicle I have at the time. Any suggestions? Thank You in advance.

    1. Hi Claudia,

      Hope you’ll be able to do more curb shopping this year. It sure is fun. We keep a car top carrier on top of a couple of our cars to accommodate larger items. And on a few occasions when we found something too big to haul, we asked a friend for help, or made a quick trip home to swap for a bigger vehicle. We finally have a small enclosed trailer and a large van, so it isn’t as much of an issue for us now.

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