Label Your Water Shut-Off Valves

Label Your Water Shut-Off Valves

By Erin Huffstetler | 01/30/2014 | No Comments

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I invested in a label maker last week, and I’ve been finding lots of great uses for it. Our latest project? Labeling all of the water shut-off valves in the basement.

With multiple valves for each floor of the house, it can be a challenge to know which is which.

2nd Floor Hot Shut Off

That’s a frustrating problem when you need to cut the water to a fixture for a repair, and a catastrophic problem, when you’re dealing with a major plumbing failure like a burst pipe.

Outdoor Faucet Shut Off Valve

To avoid future headaches, we made a label for each valve and affixed it to the pipe.

Water Shut Off Valve

Now, it’ll be easy for us (and anyone else who works on our plumbing) to identify the right valve and cut it off quickly.

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