How to Label School Supplies

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Labeling School Supplies

School supplies are an investment, so I put my kids’ names on everything that we send to school. This could be a time-consuming process, but I’ve developed a few tricks over the years that make quick work of the task. Check it out:

I used to write their names on every notebook and folder, but that got old in a hurry, so a few years ago, I ordered a self-inking stamp from Staples with our last name and phone number on it (it was free after rebate). Now, I can blow through a big stack of notebooks and folders in seconds.

Name Labels

Pre-printed labels make quick work of labeling pencil boxes, binders, markers and crayons. I got these from a free promotion that’s no longer available, but you could easily order address labels with just your child’s name on them.

Engraved Water Bottle

I used to use a permanent marker to write our last name and phone number on the bottom of our water bottles, but it was never long before it had worn off and needed to be redone. We’ve since engraved all of our water bottles.

Have you found tricks to speed up the process of labeling all of your kids’ school supplies? I’d love to hear about it.

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