Lemon Tree Update

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Lemon Tree Update

Remember the lemon tree that I bought back in February? We just moved it inside for the winter, and I thought you might be interested in an update.

Are we going to have lemons this year, like the company promised? See for yourself:

Lemons Ripening

All told, we have nine lemons, and I think that’s pretty good for a first run. Now, I just have to decide what I’m going to make with them.

Here’s a look back at what we started with, in case you’ve forgotten (or missed it).

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  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been buying (and killing) fruit trees for years. I just bought my last set (I promise!). I’d love to take advantage of the 72% off sale that you referenced in your most recent post, but I just lost my job 2 days ago. So, like I said, this is my last set.

    9 lemons is awesome!

  2. We have a lemon tree that produces about five good size lemons a year for over five years! The tree is sits in front of a window facing south. Needs plenty of water and have cut the lemons in half and freeze them and use as needed. The flavor is much stronger and sweeter than store bought.. We live in CT.

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