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Make a Clothespin Wreath

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Clothespin Wreath

Turn a small gift into an extraordinary gift with the right presentation. This clothespin wreath holds 24 tea bags that I got for free, and I guarantee it would make any tea-lover happy. Here’s how to make a clothespin wreath of your own.

What You’ll Need:

Scrapbook paper or fabric
Corrugated cardboard

What You Do:

Decorate the Clothespins

Glue scrapbook paper to the front of some clothespins to bump up their style. I decorated 24 pins.

Cardboard Wreath Form

Create a wreath form out of a piece of corrugated cardboard. I traced a wire floral wreath that I had, but a plate would work just as well.

Wrap the Wreath Form with Paper

Wrap your wreath form with a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric.

Glue the Clothespins to the Wreath

Glue the clothespins onto the wreath, with the mouth of the pins facing out. Then, add a ribbon to the back for hanging.

Beauty Sample Wreath

Let everything dry; then, load your wreath up with goodies. A collection of tea bags or beauty samples works well, so does a collection of special photos.

Want one for yourself? Whip one up, and use it as a memo board.

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