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Make a Hair Bow Wreath

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How to Make a Hair Bow Wreath

Looking for a unique gift idea for a little girl? This hair bow wreath makes a great baby shower gift, birthday present or Christmas gift, and it takes less than five minutes to put together. Include 24 bows, and you could even use it as an advent calendar. Here’s how to make one.

How to Make a Hair Bow Wreath

What You’ll Need:

Hair bows
A wire clothes hanger
Wire cutting pliers (optional)

Grosgrain Hair Bows

I bought this set of 20 3-inch hair bows from Amazon. The quality is nice, but they’re slow shippers. So, if you need something that’s going to arrive quickly, check out these other hair bow options. The dollar store would be another good source for inexpensive hair bows.

What You Do:

Wire Hanger

Making a hair bow wreath couldn’t be easier. Just take a wire hanger …

Bend Hanger into a Circle

and bend it into a circle to create your wreath form. Use a pair of wire pliers to clip the hook off the top, or leave it on. It’ll work either way. If you leave the hook, the wreath could even be hung in a closet.

Closeup of Hair Bow Wreath

Then, just clip the hair bows to your wreath form, and you’re done!

This is such a fun way to give hair bows, and it comes with a built-in way to keep them organized. Love that!

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