How to Make a Hands-Free Berry Picking Bucket

Make a Hands-Free Berry Picking Bucket

By Erin Huffstetler | 07/05/2014 | 1 Comment

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Picking berries with two hands is a lot faster than picking with one. That’s just some of that real-world math that I’ve learned along the way. If you have a berry-picking mission in your future, take a minute to make yourself a hands-free berry picking bucket before you head out.

Blueberry Picking

It couldn’t be easier. Just rinse out a gallon milk jug; cut off the top; thread a belt through the handle, and secure it to your waist.

Picking at a Blueberry Farm

This will give you a handy, spill-proof container for your berries and full use of both of your hands. Plus, it’ll be really easy to keep up with how many gallons you’ve picked.

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  1. Wow, what a great idea, Erin! We already re-purpose milk jugs for lots of things, and this will be added to the list!

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