Make a Solar Gazing Ball

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Make a Solar Gazing Ball

Want a solar gazing ball for your garden, but not interested in paying big bucks for one? Here’s how to make your own for under $2:

Light Globe

Pick up an old light globe at a thrift store or yard sale (I got three for a quarter) and a cheap solar light from any big box store (my local Walmart had them for $.97).

Solar Light

Then, use a piece of tubing to extend the stake on the solar light to make it tall enough for your gazing ball base (mine is actually a bird bath base that I picked up from a curb pile).

Solar Gazing Ball - Daylight View

Stick your globe over the solar light, and your solar gazing ball is complete!

Solar Globe

If you don’t have a gazing ball base, or you’re simply looking for a cool way to light your garden paths, stick solar lights in the ground and slip a light globe over each one.

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    1. Yep, they recharge beautifully. I made ours last year, and they’re still going strong. I’m actually on the lookout for more globes because I want to make more.

  1. Great idea I been looking for solar projects to put on my husband grave this is prefect thank u

  2. You can also use light colored glass..blue, green, etc., Just make sure it’s light enough for sun to pass through. I’ve also used slightly darker glass..just take the solar light out during the day and pop it back in at night ☺

  3. I am new to the whole garden art thing but am loving it. Can you glue colored gemstones to the globe and it still work if you leave the top open for the solar light?

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