Christmas Card Gift Tags

Make Christmas Card Gift Tags

By Erin Huffstetler | 07/29/2013 | 1 Comment

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Christmas cards are too pretty to throw away, so I like to turn them into gift tags to use the following Christmas. It takes just minutes to do, and they come out looking every bit as nice as store-bought gift tags (maybe even nicer). First, I look for large images that would work well as circular tags. I trace around these with a drinking glass and cut them out. (A large craft punch would make even faster work of this, but I don’t own one, yet).

Christmas Card Gift Tags

Then, I look for interesting text on the fronts of cards that I can cut out and use as rectangular tags.

Christmas Card Gift Tags

And then, I peek inside the cards, to see if there’s any more interesting text that I can grab.

Christmas Card Gift Tags

Sometimes, I score big, and the entire front of a card can be used. I got three tags out of this card. Score!

Have a big pile of Christmas cards tucked away somewhere? Go dig them out, and turn them into gift tags for this year.

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