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Make Gift Tags From Old Christmas Cards

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Circle Gift Tags Made From Fronts of Old Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are too pretty to throw away, so I like to turn them into gift tags to use the following Christmas. It takes just minutes to do, and they come out looking every bit as nice as store-bought gift tags – if not nicer.

I start by looking for large images on the front of the cards that would work well as circular gift tags. Then, I either trace around these with a drinking glass and cut them out, or I punch them out with one of my circle craft punches.

Rectangular Gift Tags Made From Old Christmas Cards

Then, I go back over the card fronts a second time, looking for interesting text and images that would work well as rectangular gift tags.

Gift Tags Made From Insides of Old Christmas Cards

And then, I peek inside the cards, to see if there’s any more interesting text that I can grab.

Sometimes, there are even little graphics on the back of the card that I can use.

Once I’ve salvaged everything I can from my stack of Christmas cards, I punch a hole in the top of each gift tag, and finish each one off with a bit of twine.

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