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How to Make Christmas Stockings From an Old Quilt

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How to Make Christmas Stockings From an Old Quilt

Have a family quilt that’s damaged beyond repair? Turn it into a set of Christmas stockings, so it can continue to live on as a family heirloom. I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial and printable stocking pattern to show you how to make Christmas stockings from an old quilt.

Cutter Quilt

This is the quilt that I used to make this Christmas stocking tutorial. As you can see, it’s the very definition of a cutter quilt. There are big, gaping holes throughout the quilt; the edges are badly frayed; it has thin and missing batting; and gazillion upon gazillions of small and medium-size holes. There isn’t a single undamaged block in the quilt, so, I didn’t feel the least bit bad about repurposing it.

I worked around the worst damage, and was able to get nine stockings out of this quilt. If your quilt is in better shape, you’ll be able to make several more.

Sewing Tutorial and Stocking Pattern to Make Christmas Stockings From an Old Quilt

This tutorial makes a full-size Christmas stocking with a cuff and lining. Since the stocking is made from an old quilt, adding a lining takes the weight of all those stocking stuffers off of the quilt.

What You’ll Need:

What You Do:

Print a copy of the free printable Christmas stocking pattern. Make sure your printer is set to “actual size” or “100 percent,” so the pattern prints the right size. There’s a 1″ square on each pattern page that you can use to check if your pattern has printed at the intended size.

The pattern includes a template for the stocking, the cuff and a loop for hanging. Cut out all the pattern pieces; then, use the lettered half circles to match up all the pieces. Use tape to assemble everything.


  • If you plan to make several stockings, consider printing the stocking pattern on cardstock, to make it more sturdy.

This stocking pattern is for personal use only. It may not be reposted or used for commercial purposes, without express written consent.

Cut Pieces for Christmas Stocking

Cut out all the stocking pieces. For each Christmas stocking, you’ll need:

  • 1 piece for the front of the stocking and one mirrored piece for the back
  • 2 pieces for the lining of the stocking (mirrored)
  • 1 piece for the cuff
  • 1 piece for the hanging loop
Trace Stocking Pattern on Quilt

Front and Back of Stocking: You can cut the front and back of the stocking out of your quilt, or use a coordinating fabric for the back of the stocking. I prefer to use the quilt for the front side only because it allows me to get more stockings out of a quilt.

Lay your quilt out on your work surface, good-side facing up.

Before you start tracing and cutting, you need to decide which direction you’d like your stockings to hang. This is purely personal preference. I like the toe of my stockings to face left, so I make sure the stocking pattern is facing left, before I trace it. If you prefer your stockings to face right, just flip the pattern, so it’s facing right.

The back of the stocking needs to be a mirror image of the front of the stocking, so flip your stocking template, before you trace it on the fabric that you’ve chosen for the back.

Stocking Lining: If you’re cutting your stocking lining out of solid-colored fabric, there’s no need to worry about mirroring the front and back piece, since the fabric will be the same on both sides. However, if you’re using fabric that’s only printed on one side, you need to lay your fabric out, right-side facing up. Then, trace the stocking pattern once with the toe facing left, and once with the toe facing right.

Fabric for Stocking Loop

Make the stocking loop. Place the loop fabric on your work surface, right-side facing down.

Fold Stocking Loop Fabric in Half Lengthwise

Fold the fabric in half length-wise.

Unfold Fabric to Reveal Center Crease

Then, open it back up to reveal the center crease that you just made.

Fold Top and Bottom of Loop Down to Center Crease

Fold the top and bottom edge to the center fold.

Fold Fabric in Half to Form Loop

Then, fold the piece in half again.

Sew the Top Shut to Finish the Stocking Loop

Stitch across the top to close the open edge. Then, set your loop aside for later.

Pin or Clip Front and Back of Stocking Together

To assemble your stocking: Pin or clip the front and back of the stocking together, right-sides facing.

Sew a Quarter-Inch Seam Around the Edge of the Stocking

Then, sew a 1/4″ seam around the outside edge, leaving the top open.

Trim Excess Fabric Around the Seam

Trim the excess away from the outside edge. Then, turn the stocking right-side out.

Pin or Clip Stocking Lining Together

To create the lining for your stocking: Pin or clip the lining pieces together, right-sides facing.

Sew a Quarter-Inch Seam Around the Stocking Lining

Then, sew a 1/4″ seam around the edge of the lining, leaving the top open. Leave the lining turned wrong-side out.

Pin or Clip Short Sides of Cuff Fabric Together

To make the cuff for your stocking: Lay the fabric on your work surface right-side facing up. Then, pin or clip the short sides together.

Join the Two Short Sides of the Cuff Fabric With a Quarter-Inch Seam

Sew a 1/4″ seam along the pinned or clipped side.

Fold the Top Edge of the Cuff Down Until It Meets With the Bottom Edge

Then, grab the top edge of the cuff, and roll it down, until it meets up with the bottom edge.

Stocking Cuff

If you’ve done it correctly, the cuff should now form a large loop with an open center.

Now it’s time to assemble all the pieces of the stocking!

Insert Stocking Lining

Start by inserting the lining inside the stocking. Match up all the seams. Then, pin or clip the lining in place. If you left the lining right-side facing in, like you were supposed to, the inside of your stocking should now have neat, finished seams.

Stocking Loop

The next step is to attach the stocking loop. Fold the loop in half, and match up the raw edges.

Pin or Clip Loop Inside of Stocking

Then, pin or clip it to the top of the heel seam of the stocking, lining up the raw edge of the loop with the raw top edge of the stocking, so that the loop is facing down inside the stocking.

Pin or Clip Cuff Inside of Stocking

Now, to attach the cuff. Insert the cuff inside the stocking, with the finished edge facing down into the stocking. Match the seam of the cuff with one of the stocking side seams. Then, match the raw edge of the cuff with the raw edge at the top of the stocking. Reposition the pins or clips that you used to secure the lining to the stocking, so that they’re also holding the cuff in place.

Sew a Quarter-Inch Seam Around the Top of the Stocking

Sew a 1/4″ seam around the top of the stocking, to join all the layers.

Stockings Made From an Old Cutter Quilt

Then, roll the cuff down; lift the stocking loop into its proper position, and your stocking is ready for hanging!

Now that you know how to make Christmas stockings from an old quilt, you can repeat the process, until you’ve made one for every member of your family. It’s such a special way to pass grandma’s quilt down to the next generation.

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