Make Your Own Furniture Polish

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Homemade Beesxwax Furniture Polish

Store-bought furniture polish contains silicone, propellants and other nasties. Make your own all-natural beeswax furniture polish to take its place. Here’s how.

How to Make Furniture Polish

What You’ll Need:

4 oz oil (mineral, olive or jojoba)
1 oz
1/4 tsp lemon essential oil
An 8-oz jar
A melting pot

What You Do:

Weigh Beeswax

Use a scale to weigh out the oil and beeswax.

Weigh Oil

I used jojoba oil because it’s not prone to going rancid. The same is true of mineral oil, and it’s a lot cheaper. Olive oil will also work, but it has a shorter shelf life. As long as you use your furniture polish by the best-buy date on the olive oil bottle, you should be fine.

Transfer your beeswax and oil to a melting pot or another heat-safe container that you don’t mind getting waxy. I used a quart jar.

Melt Furniture Polish Ingredients in a Double Boiler

Then, place your melting pot in a double broiler to melt your ingredients. Your double boiler can be something as simple as a large pot that’s filled with water. You just don’t want to melt wax over direct heat.

Pour Furniture Polish

Once your ingredients have melted, give them a good stir. Then, remove them from the heat, and pour them into a clean jar. I used a Ball Elite half-pint jar.

Add Lemon Essential Oil

Add the lemon essential oil. Then, stir it in. Allow your furniture polish to cool and harden, before using it.

How to Make Furniture Polish

To Use:

Apply a small amount of polish to your furniture with a clean rag. Allow it to soak in. Then, wipe off the excess.

The oil will help to restore moisture to thirsty wood. The beeswax will serve as a protective barrier against spills and water rings, and the lemon will sanitize surfaces, while giving off a nice lemony scent.

This polish does a good job of hiding scratches and water rings, and can also be used to condition leather.

A little goes a long way, so one jar of furniture polish should last you for quite a while. Be sure to label it, so everyone in your household knows what it is.

Jars of Beeswax Furniture Polish

Want me to make some beeswax furniture polish for you? You can order it over in my shop.

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  1. We have a home with Southern facing windows and our wood was starting to dry out due to the sun exposure. I made a smaller batch of this, just to try it out, and it really saved the day. What a great recipe. I am so pleased! Thanks Erin!

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