May in My Garden

May in My Garden

By Erin Huffstetler | 05/20/2013 | No Comments
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It’s been a cold and wet spring, but there’s still a lot going on in my garden. Check it out …

I ran out and picked this bouquet of peonies ahead of yesterday’s rain. I use most of my growing space for food, but it’s nice to have a few flowers, too.

Bell Pepper Plants

Our bell pepper plants have grown quite a bit since I planted them last month.

Onion Plants

So have our yellow onions. We added this raised bed this year.

Potato Plants

I’ve mulched our potatoes twice, and they already need it again. Hopefully I can find a minute to do that today.

Pea Plants

Our pea plants have been slow to take off this year, but they’re finally starting to climb up the maypoles.

Blueberry Bush

The blueberry bushes that I planted earlier this year look very healthy, and there are even a couple of blueberries on them. I should have pinched off the flowers, since I just planted them, but I’m enjoying seeing a few berries on there after our high bush blueberries proved to be such duds.

Apple Tree

And the big news in our backyard: there are actually apples on one of our apple trees this year! If all goes well, this will be our first harvest.

Grape Arbor

Our grape vines have been growing like mad …

Grape Flower Buds

and they’re absolutely covered in bud clusters. As soon as they start flowering, I’m netting those babies. Last year the squirrels/birds ate all of our grapes, and I’m not about to let that happen again.

Strawberry Patch

The strawberry patch along our driveway is having its best year yet.

Ripe Strawberries

I’ve been picking several quarts of berries each day.

Prickly Pear Pads

Our prickly pear cactus is busy growing new pads, which means new pears aren’t far behind.

Herb Garden

And our herb garden is doing really well, even if it is looking a bit shaggy these days. There’s a potted rosemary plant buried in there that I need to find a new spot for.

Volunteer Herbs

To save time, I allow a lot of my herbs to self-seed. This year we have volunteer cilantro, dill and chive plants …


which is good because I’m behind on planting as usual.

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