Oldest Daughter's Room

MFH Home Tour: Oldest Daughter’s Room

By Erin Huffstetler | 02/01/2017 | 14 Comments

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After several weeks of rain, the sun finally decided to make an appearance. Determined to make the most of it, I grabbed my camera and snapped pictures of another part of our house. Come see my oldest daughter’s room.

Wide View of Bedroom

Our oldest is 14, and she’s spent all but the first year of her life in this room. The decor has changed quite a bit over the years, and it’s been fun to watch her own style emerge as she’s grown up. As I’ve mentioned before, I let my kids decorate their own rooms. I picked out the furniture, and I’ve left everything else to them. So, what you’re about to see is truly a room of my daughter’s own creation.

With three windows, her room gets lots of natural light. My husband and I made the roman shades in the dining room, but we bought the ones in her room. They do a good job of keeping the sun out in the morning – important if you’re a teenage girl who likes to sleep in on the weekends.

Antique Bed

The antique iron bed came from a yard sale. It’s a full size.


Both of my girls like to switch their bedding out often, so this is what her bed looks like today. Who knows what colors she’ll choose next week? They have quite the stash of throw pillows in the linen closet.

Chenille Bedspreads

Chenille is pretty much a constant on her bed, though. She likes to layer several different chenille bedspreads.

Dream Catcher

Her sister made the dream catcher that hangs over her bed. It was a gift. She made it out of vintage findings from our craft stash.

Left Side of Bedroom

Here’s the left side of her room.


I got the dresser at Goodwill for $10 during a 50% off sale. It was in great shape, so I didn’t have to do anything to it.

Top of Dresser

This is what she has on top of her dresser at the moment. She swiped the “H” from the dining room. Everything else came from thrift stores and yard sales.

Blue Vintage Typewriter

She was on the lookout for a typewriter for quite some time before she found this one at a yard sale. It seems to be the current color inspiration for her room.


This desk came from a Salvation Army. It was originally a built-in in someone’s home. I loved all of the little drawers. The antique chair was a yard sale find. It used to live in my office.


My daughter is big on houseplants, particularly cacti, so she has several in her room. They all came from yard sales.

Washi Tape

She tucked a thread organizer under her plant to corral her collection of washi tape. It either came out of my mother-in-laws basement or my husband’s aunt’s basement. I don’t remember which. Either way, it’s well-suited to its new task.

Office Supply Organizer

And here are just some of her art supplies.

Art Supplies

We’re all artsy types.

Side of Desk

I painted the side of her desk with dry erase paint, so she could use it like a giant dry erase board. She used washi tape to divide it up into a calendar.


And here are some of the cacti that I mentioned. She found them at an estate sale a couple weekends ago. They were free. She stole the plant stand from me. Teenagers tend to just help themselves to things. If anything goes missing, there’s a good chance it’s in her room.


In true nerd fashion, she used the bottom of the plant stand to hold some of her most boring books. The Humongous Book of Geometry Problems and Barron’s AP Human Geography practice book are not my idea of fun reading.

Also note the stack of old dictionaries. She collects them.

Right Side of Room

Okay, flipping over to the right side of her room …

Lighted Tree

The lighted cherry tree is her latest estate sale find. She found it last weekend. Since it was towards the end of the day, it was half-off; so, she paid $7.50 for it. When she got home, she looked it up online, and found the same tree on Wayfair for $238! Needless to say, she was pretty pleased with herself.


I found the mirrored nightstand at a yard sale a couple years ago. I think I paid $10 for it.

Rotary Phone

Neither of my kids have a cell phone, but my oldest daughter has a rotary phone. Ha! She searched for quite a while, before she found this one.


Lockers are my go-to storage solution for kids. Both of my girls have a set in their rooms. This one came out of a curb pile. I just had to spray paint it white, and it was good to go. Proof I’m raising frugal kids: she’s uses one of her lockers as a gift closet.

Top of Lockers

I bought those three tin wall hangings at Habitat, and gave them a new paint job. The magnets are just little trinkets and toys that I glued magnets to.

Side of Lockers

She uses one side of her lockers to hang photos and momentos. The other side holds reminders.


Alright, now that you’ve seen her room, you have to see her closet.

Inside of Closet

At around 100 square feet, it’s roughly the same size as her sister’s room. Yeah, try explaining that to kid number two.

Usually 1920s houses don’t have much in the way of closets, but our house has big walk-in closets that are original to the house. This is the biggest one.


Since she has so much closet space, it’s serves as both a sitting room and a closet. She has a nice squishy armchair for reading (a Salvation Army find) …

Bookshelf and Armchair

and a bookcase full of books.


The shelf belonged to my husband when he was a kid. We gave it a paint job before our oldest was born, and it’s been in her room ever since.

Jewelry Organizer

To give her a spot to hang her jewelry, we hung a couple Ikea kitchen racks on one of her closet walls. I have the same set up in my closet, and so does my youngest daughter. When we find something that works, we stick with it.

Vintage Jewelry

She has lots of fun vintage pieces hanging on her rack.

Sherwin Williams Portabello

And this is the color that we used on her walls. It’s Portabello by Sherwin Williams.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the tour of her room and our house. If you’ve missed any of the previous parts of our home tour, you’ll find them here.

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  1. wow Erin! how did you get a teenager to keep such a neat room? beautiful ideas, she has great taste too. she should be very proud to show it off to her friends, I would be. Take care

    • Ha! It isn’t always that neat. She’s reached a point where she likes it to be neat, but with all the time that she spends on homework, it can get pretty messy at times. She’s good about fixing it, though. As soon as she gets some free time, it’s back to neat again.

  2. Love your home and style and frugal nature…your daughters’ too. I would love to find some lockers for my daughter.

    • Thanks, LoriB. Keep an eye out for lockers, and you’re bound to come across a set. I found one set at an estate sale for $20, another in a curb pile, and a third at a yard sale. We’ll be using that third set up at the cabin. They’re definitely great for storing kids’ stuff behind closed doors.

      • The town I live in recently built a new K-8 building and are in the process of auctioning off the contents of the old school buildings before tearing them down this spring. Be a good way to get some things and have memories of the building I went to school in.

  3. Thank you – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your home tour. I hope you’ll revisit things occasionally if you change things up a bit.

    I love her closet! I’m a reader, so I am jealous of her little quiet spot to read…lol….

    Where did you come across that rug with the H on it?

    • Yep, I’ll definitely do some updates from time to time. Our kitchen still isn’t finished, so I’m sure I’ll have more to share there, and of course, there’s still lots to go on our cabin. Good question about the “H” rug. I meant to mention that. I got it on clearance from Restoration Hardware. It was 75% off. So, I got a great price, and it’s wool, so it should last a long time.

  4. There are so many things that I love in your daughter’s room. I love the chenille bedspreads and patchwork shams, the hobnail lamp on her nightstand and the reading nook in her closet to name just a few things. What a nice room.

  5. What a pretty room-I would love that for myself even! Loved the bed and the pillows,the dresser(I have to find on for that price-have to find a Goodwill that sell furniture bc ours does not!). I have that similar mirrored nightstand (yours look better even) and it was nowhere near what you paid for it(and mine was the cheapest I could find for that style!)-great find! Love the colors of the room.lockers(have to look for that too!) and even the Dream Catcher(what a great gift idea!). It shows you have artsy and creative kids! Good job, Erin! That lighted tree is totally me too-love cherry trees too and my daughter has strings of lights with little wooden clothes pins to hang photos across her walls and her friend creates these graphic designs and sayings in calligraphy which she hangs up(her furniture are hand me downs and freebies as we do not have a budget for bedroom decor!). We even have those huge dictionaries which I would give you free if you lived nearby! Awesome room!

  6. This room is fantastic. One of my favorite things is the dream catcher and the fact your one daughter made it for her sister makes it that much more amazing! What a wonderful gift.

  7. Erin, I just saw the pictures of your family, what a lovely family you have. I love how you are living your life. I was not as frugal as you are but I raised my kids in similar ways. No tv in their rooms, they were responsible for taking care of our home, helpng with cooking and cleaning. I was in girl scouts and loved doing the activities for badges. I was a leader for my daughter when she was a Daisy scout, Brownie scout and a junior scout. I love your simple, happy life. I think we were all much happier when we only had the phone book and phone booths – no cell phones. Though not everyone might understand that, but I believe it’s true. Your daughter’s room is adorable, she did a great job decorating it and that lighted tree – what a fabulous find. 🙂

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