Kroger Grocery Haul

My $.32 Grocery Trip

By Erin Huffstetler | 06/27/2014 | 2 Comments

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Usually grocery shopping isn’t my idea of fun, but my last trip was a blast. I shop at Kroger, and their latest Mega Event started Wednesday. It included sales on several items that I’ve been needing to stock up on, so I printed a BUNCH of coupons, and headed out.

Here’s what I got:

  • (8) boxes of Hefty gallon freezer bags
  • (9) boxes of Ronzoni whole grain pasta
  • (1) bottle of Welch’s Farmer’s Pick blackberry juice
  • (2) bags of Lay’s Kettle Cooked chips
  • (2) half gallons of Turkey Hill iced tea
  • (7) packages of Biscoff cookies

My Total Before Savings: $69.84

Kroger Receipt

And here’s how I got it down to $.32:

The Mega Event and other sales took $39.52 off of my bill
Coupons took off another $10
And then I redeemed $20 in Catalinas that I earned the previous week

That left me with a $.32 balance to pay. Pretty cool.

Better still: The Mega Event is a two-week sale, so I should be able to do a lot of these deals again next week when the coupons reset for July.

Want to Get Coupon Deals Like This without Putting a Ton of Time into It?

It’s a lot easier than you might think. This shopping trip took me 15 minutes to plan. That’s doable right? The key is to let other people do most of the work for you. Find a deal blogger that covers the store or stores that you shop at most, and follow them. If there’s a killer deal, they’ll post it. If there’s a coupon that matches up to a sale, they’ll tell you where to grab it, and if there’s an unadvertised special, they’ll tell you that, too.

Since I shop at Kroger, I follow I just drop by her site several times a week to see what she’s posted, and I jump on any deals that excite me.

Still Think You Don’t Have Time to Coupon?

Then, consider this: Since that 15 minutes of planning saved me $69.52, that translates to an hourly rate of $278.08! Now, I don’t know what you make, but that’s definitely more than I make in an hour.

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  1. Hi Erin, LOVE your savings! question: when printing out coupons online, is there any way to save on ink? I love saving money, but printing coupons each week, even tho I’m choosy, uses a lot of ink of regular paper.

    any ideas? thanks for your wonderful ideas, saving money, and all-around frugal living – I’m trying but it aint easy!

    • Hi Sue,

      Great question. I actually have a post on this topic coming up because ink is so insanely expensive (and it is something you have to consider when you’re printing coupons). The short answer is that I invested in a Brother B&W laser printer last year. It was less than the cost of two ink refills for the HP I was using, and I can print thousands of pages before I have to buy new toner. That made a big difference from me, but I have some other tricks that I use to save even more. I’ll share all of those soon. Watch for that post early in July (probably the second week of the month).

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