My Brimfield Finds

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My Brimfield Finds

Now that I’ve shown you a bit about the Brimfield Antique Show, let’s get on to the good stuff: my finds.

We’ll start with the small stuff, and save my big find for the finale (feel the suspense building) …

I scooped up four vintage letter stamps for $2.50 each. The dealer said they’d come from an old grocery store.

Marble Eggs

I was hoping to find a couple of fake eggs to stick in our nesting boxes (it helps train the hens where to lay), and we found these. I paid $2 for the marble one, and my husband paid $5 for the orange stone one.

Chicken Chocolate Mold

I bought this chicken chocolate pop mold from the chocolate mold booth that I showed you yesterday. The dealer was asking $6, but I got it for $5.

When a dollar table opened up, I quickly snagged these chocolate Santa molds …

Chocolate Santa Molds

and this silver-plated box …

Silverplated Box

A bit of digging at another booth turned up this vintage soap tin ($2) …

Vintage Soap Tin

I like to store my homemade lotion bars and bug repellent bars in them.

Glass Vials

And the mad scientist in me is thrilled to have found these glass vials ($5). I use them to store vanilla beans for my homemade vanilla extract.

Now that I have a bunch, I think I’m going to make up vanilla extract-making kits to give as gifts.

Dromedary Dixie Mix

I didn’t know much about this tin when I bought it, but I like the look of it – and it was just a buck – so it came home with me.

A quick Google search revealed that it’s from the 40s, and used to contain fruit cake mix. Kinda cool, me thinks.

Another booth was filled to the brim with boxes of vintage jewelry to dig through. None of it was priced, but I watched a couple transactions, and saw that she was selling cheap. My daughters and I spent some time digging, and we netted some real treasures:

A bunch of copper bracelets …

Copper Bracelets

Some coral and malachite pieces and a bunch of other goodies …

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Our grand total? $30. Other booths were asking more than that for just one comparable piece! I feel like we scored big.

We traded two smackeroos for this blue Pyrex bowl. It’s a nice addition to our 50s kitchenware.

Blue Pyrex Bowl

And the writer in me can never resist letters. I nabbed this heavy-duty “H” for $12, after talking the dealer down from $15.

Letter H

My love of all-things-rusty led me to bring these ceiling tins home … ($20)

Vintage Ceiling Tins

as well as this metal grate ($20). I plan to use it as a memo board …

Vintage Metal Grate

But that’s not the most exciting thing that I brought home. Nope. That honor goes to my new, fabulous cupola ($180)…


Pretty cool, eh? We’re going to give it a fresh coat of paint, and then attach it to our garage. I have a chicken weather vane that will look perfect mounted on top.

It would have cost a pretty penny to have this shipped home (think $300), but we happened to meet a dealer from TN, who was coming our way. We gave her some gas money, and she delivered it on her way home. Pretty cool when things work out like that, don’t you think?

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  1. I was at Brimfield for 4 days….I am a Vendor… My booth was at Sheltons.. F01.

    I was 30 feet off main road.

    My booth.. was packed with over 100 whimsical primitive chickens.. I had chickens in a bucket.. I had a chicken on a swing.. I had chicken kitchen boards..

    I was there in May.. for 4 wonderful days.. ( I sold out)..

    How did you miss me with my booth full of chickens.


    If you google the words ( chicken in a bucket ) you will find me !

    If you google the words ( Tuna or Later) you will find me

    The chicken I have is 11 feet high and 9 feet long.. How can anyone miss me ?

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