My Dish Deal

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My Dish Deal

For years I’ve wanted a set of brown transferware dishes, but it’s pricey stuff, so I’ve always just admired it from afar. That all changed a few weeks ago, when we stopped in at an estate sale while on vacation.

When I walked into the dining room, the first thing I noticed was a china cabinet full of Staffordshire transferware, including all of the serving pieces. They were asking $75 for 74 pieces, which was a great deal, but still more than I really wanted to spend.

Staffordshire Yorkshire Pattern

I stood there admiring it for a while, and one of the people running the sale eventually walked over to talk to me. Turns out they lived in Hawaii, and really needed to clear their mother’s house out before they went back. She told me to make an offer, and my husband suggested $25, which I never thought she’d go for, but she quickly accepted. Can you believe my luck?

I priced out the set on when we got back from our trip, and the current retail price for the pieces that we got is $1,068! Talk about a crazy good deal. I can’t wait to use it.

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