My Finally-Got-Out-of-the-House Finds

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Crocheted Afghan

The weather has kept us cooped up the last couple weeks, but we finally got out to do some thrifting today. We started with our favorite church rummage sale. Then, we made our rounds to all the thrift stores. And man did we find some killer deals. Here are the highlights:

Popcorn Maker

A mini movie theatre popcorn maker for $2. We host a lot of backyard movies, so this will definitely get put to good use.

Garden Clogs

A brand new pair of garden clogs in my size ($3). These sell for $49.95 in the Gardener’s Supply catalog. I’ve wanted a pair for a while, but I wasn’t willing to pay that price.

Crocheted Afghan

A gorgeous crocheted afghan for $6. This will either go on my youngest daughter’s bed or get used up at the cabin. I’m still debating.

Tommy Hilfiger Sheets

A new set of Tommy Hilfiger jersey knit sheets in navy. They had an orange tag on them (the color of the day), so they were half off. I paid $4.


A pair of Merrell sneakers that look like they were only worn once ($3). They’re a 6.5, so I’ll add them to our shoe stockpile until my oldest daughter grows into them.

Hole Punches

Two hole punches for $1.75. One punches squares, and the other punches ovals.

Duvet Set

A queen duvet set with the cover, comforter and two shams for $6. This is destined for my oldest daughter’s bed.

Commercial Bathroom Equipment

Two commercial toilet paper dispensers ($3 each), an automatic paper towel dispenser ($5) and an automatic soap dispenser ($1). We need to fix up our bath house at our weekend homestead this summer, and I plan to use them in there.

Pretty amazing haul, don’t you think? With the snow keeping everyone home the last couple weeks, there were lots of goodies to cherry pick. So, I guess that’s one good thing about this yucky weather.

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