My Friday Yard Sale Haul

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My Friday Yard Sale Haul

I often make my best yard sale finds on Fridays, and this week was no exception. Check out my super-sized haul:

(6) Ball freezer jars – $.25 each

Storage Jars

(2) air-tight storage jars for the pantry – $1.75 for both

Glass Measuring Cup

A glass measuring cup – $.20

Nut Cracker

A heavy-duty nut cracker – $2

Jadeite Mugs

(3) Jadeite mugs – $.25 each

Trifle Dish

A trifle dish – $1.50

Ball Ice Cream Maker

A ball ice cream maker – $1 (the kids have wanted one of these for a long time)

Brown Checkered Tablecloths

(2) brown checkered tablecloths – $.50 each

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A stainless steel water bottle – $.50

New Balance Hiking Shoes

New Balance hiking shoes – $2 (I’m going to put these up until my current pair wears out)

Bottle Brush Rooster

A bottle brush rooster – $2

Glass Christmas Trees

(2) glass Christmas trees – $.50 each (TJ Maxx had these the last two seasons, and I really wanted them, but I think they were selling for $14.99 each – more than I was willing to pay)

Two-Way Hose Connector

A two-way hose connector – $.25 (we’ll be building an irrigation system soon, so this should come in handy)

A Suet Cage

A suet cage – $.25 (I’m going to fill it up with scrap yarn for the birds to use in their nests)

Garden Stakes

50+ garden stakes – $2

Plastic Hanging Baskets

(4) hanging baskets – free! (stay tuned for a post about how I plan to use them)


(4) zippers for a project I’m working on – free!

Wooden Pineapple

A hand-carved wooden pineapple to add to my collection – $4

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