February in My Garden

A small portion of our strawberry patch. It won’t be long before it springs back into action!

February in My Garden

By Erin Huffstetler | 02/08/2013 | No Comments
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Swiss Chard

Swiss chard isn’t supposed to be perennial in my zone, but I have rebel plants.

Grape Arbors

We have two grape arbors. This year I’m netting them, so the squirrels don’t get to them before I do.

Apricot Bushes

Lots of new growth on my apricot bushes. Could this be the year that they finally give us fruit?

Apple Trees

These apple trees (they’re the little stick guys at the front of the picture) are the same age as the apricots, but they still have plenty of growing to do.

Holly Trees

This time of year, our hollies provide lots of food for the birds.

Herb Garden

It’s not much to look at now, but this bed will be overflowing with fresh herbs in a couple months.


Looks like my rosemary (in the terra cotta pot) has overwintered nicely. I think the lavender (behind it) did a good job of protecting it.


Apparently my parsley didn’t get the memo about it being winter.

Garlic Chives

And neither did my chives.

Raised Beds

I grow burgundy peonies and coleus in these raised beds, but before they come up, I’ll be growing lettuce and radishes in them.

Tomato Trough

I grow my tomatoes in a water trough, along with a few herbs. Can’t wait until it’s time to plant them again.


Our maypoles are cleaned off, and ready to grow peas (and later loofah sponges).

Seasoned Oak Log

I have a couple oak logs seasoning in the yard, I’ll be growing mushrooms on them in the fall.

Tree House

When the weather’s nice, I move my office outdoors. We built this tree house a few years back. The tin roof was salvaged from an old barn that was being torn down.

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