My Weekend Homestead – A Month In

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The kids were out of school for Election Day yesterday, so we squeezed in an extra day of work on the cabin. We’ve been working on it for about a month now, so I thought I’d give you guys a quick update.

Cabin - Before

This is what the cabin looked like when we started.

Cabin - 1 Month In

And this is how it looks now. We’ve replaced all the broken windows across the front of the cabin, but the biggest change is on the back side. Remember how it was wide open in the back?

Back of Cabin - 1 Month In

We’ll, we’ve been working hard to get it closed in.

Inside of Back Wall - 1 Month In

And we’re almost there!

On our next trip up, we plan to finish the back wall, to frame in the kitchen and bedroom and to replace the rim joist on the left side of the cabin (it’s rotten).

Things are moving right along!

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    1. Thanks, Anita. We’ve made some good progress since my last update. I should have more pictures to share in another week or so.

  1. Hi Erin,

    We would love to see more of your weekend get away pictures. I also like your Jeep!

    Have a great week,

    1. Hi Judi, I should have more pictures to share soon. An update is definitely long overdue. We’re still quite a ways off from tackling the finishing work, but I couldn’t resist buying my paint already 🙂

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