Organizing with Curb Finds

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Coke Crate Used as Organizer

Getting organized doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Check out these organization solutions that I created from curb finds.

Organized Beads

Remember those jars that my family rescued from a curb pile last week? I used the red ones to organize my bead collection. Each jar holds a different color to cut down on the time that I spend digging for supplies. Since I store my craft supplies in the basement, but work in the dining room, I tucked everything inside a vintage Coke crate, so they’ll be easy to transport.

Pepsi Crate Storage

My buttons have been arranged by color for years, but I decided to give them a style upgrade by sticking them in a vintage Pepsi crate.

How to Organize Buttons

Once I finish sorting (my mother-in-law just gave me a bunch of buttons), I plan to store the jars upside down, so I can quickly see what color is in each jar.

Organized Fabric

Since my mother-in-law no longer sews, she also gave me all of her fabric a couple weeks ago. This left me looking for a new way to store fabric. I knew I’d found my solution when we passed two sets of plastic drawers in a curb pile. Score!

Red Fabric

We hauled them home, gave them a good scrub, and they now hold my fabric stash.

Yellow Fabric

And as you’ve probably noticed, everything is arranged by color once again. What can I say? When something works, you hit the repeat button.

Craft Supply Drawers

We’ve actually rescued quite a few sets of plastic drawers from curb piles over the years. They house the bulk of my craft supplies. I’ve found that labeling the drawers increases the chance that my kids will put things back when they’re done.

Shutter Wall Organizer

And I don’t just use curb finds to organize my craft supplies. In my office, I use an over-sized shutter in place of a bulletin board. It’s more visually interesting to me, and since it’s vertical, it allows me to take advantage of a narrow wall next to my desk.

Vintage Bread Box

And this double decker bread box?

Vintage Tea Towels

It houses my collection of vintage tea towels, and remains one of my favorite curb finds of all time.

Have you used curb finds to organize your home? I’d love to hear about it, if you have.

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