Our First 2nd Floor Living Room Tour

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2nd Floor Living Room

Our second floor living isn’t fully-furnished, but it’s already one of my favorite spots in the farmhouse. Let me show you why I love it so much.

Video Tour of Our 2nd Floor Living Room

Start with this video tour of our living room. Then, keep reading for more photos and details than I could fit in the video.

Watch The Video

If you aren’t able to view the video here, you can also watch it on YouTube.

Photo Tour of Our 2nd Floor Living Room

Now that you’ve seen the video of our second floor living room, let me take you on a photo tour, so I can show you more of the features and furnishings that have quickly made this one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Entrance to Spiral Staircase

To access the second floor living room, you start with a trip up the stone spiral staircase.

Walking Up Spiral Staircase

This staircase goes up all three floors.

Looking Down Stone Spiral Staircase

Here’s a view looking down from where we just came.

Entrance to 2nd Floor Living Room

When you arrive on the second floor, this door takes you into the living room.

View of 2nd Floor Living Room From the Door

Here we are!

Looking Towards the Front of the 2nd Floor Living Room

When we bought the house, this room was full of thousands and thousands of books and all manner of make-shift bookshelves. It was also painted a really yellowy-white. I thought we were going to have to repaint everything, but after we gave the walls a fresh coat of white paint, I suddenly decided I liked the plum-lavender color on the beams, floor and window trim. There’s definitely something to be said for not rushing the redecorating process.

Front Wall of 2nd Floor Living Room

We’ve never had a second floor living room, but I really like it. Since there’s a living room just off the dining room that we can use to entertain guests, this just feels like more of a private space. More of a family room, if you will.

Our bedroom and bathroom are the only other rooms on this floor, so its basically like a suite.

View Out of 2nd Floor Living Room Window

Since the living room is on the second floor, it has a nice view of the courtyard (and there’s wisteria growing just below the windows).

Window With Shutters Closed

There are shutters on all the windows in this room, so you can close them, if you want to watch a movie in the middle of the day.

View of Backyard From 2nd Floor Living Room

Most of the house is only one-room deep, so almost all the rooms have windows that overlook both the courtyard and backyard. This means lots of natural light. And it makes the house feels much more connected to the outdoors.

The window shown above overlooks the backyard.

Angle View of 2nd Floor Living Room

We’re taking our time furnishing the house, shopping second-hand and only purchasing pieces we love.

Side of 2nd Floor Living Room

We sold a lot of our belongings before we left the U.S., and we just aren’t in a hurry to own more stuff.

Back of 2nd Floor Living Room

We want the house to be comfortable, but we also want to keep it pared down, so it’s easy to keep clean. We’d rather spend our time walking on the beach, gardening or exploring the French countryside.

Two Gray Sofas

So, I’m not feeling any pressure to finish this room. At some point, I’d like to find a sectional or two matching sofas for the space, but until the right thing comes along, we’re making due with these two sofas.

Sofa Purchased on Leboncoin

I purchased this sofa on Leboncoin, which is a second-hand marketplace that’s similar to Facebook Marketplace.

Sofa the Previous Owner's Left

And this slip-covered sofa is just one that the previous owner’s left behind.

They aren’t the most comfortable sofas, but they’re doing the job for now.

Leather Poof

This leather poof came from a consignment store that we try to visit once a week. It was a steal at just 9€.

Looking Towards Back Wall of 2nd Floor Living Room

Do you recognize the rug? It was in our bedroom, when we lived in Tennessee. I got it for free on Facebook Marketplace a few years back. I wasn’t sure if it would work in this house, but it’s a nice, hand-tufted wool rug, so I decided to ship it over. So glad I did because it works really well with the floor color in this room.

Antique Bibliotheque

We found this antique bibliotheque at the same consignment store as the poof. I think we paid 115€ for it. Books behind glass = books I don’t have to dust.

The previous homeowners left lots of houseplants behind, so I’ve slowly been finding places for them. This spider plant is one of our adopted plants. It’s sitting on a pine stool that was also left behind.

TV and Front Windows

This TV is one of the only new things that we’ve bought for the house. The plugs are different in France, so we sold most of our electronics, before we moved here.

Metal Scrollwork on Mantle

There’s a working fireplace in this room, but we aren’t using it at the moment. The mantle is the perfect spot for my iron scrollwork. I bought it at a yard sale years ago for $.10, but I never could find a spot to hang it. It suits this room perfectly.

Gray Cupboard

This cabinet on the back wall of the living room is another piece that came with the house. I’ll probably paint it sometime, but in the meantime, it’s already doing a great job storing all our media.

2nd Floor Living Room Door

Well, that wraps up our tour of the second floor living room. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing another room in our 17th century French farmhouse. I still have lots of rooms left to show you, so stay tuned!

Wisteria Growing on Front of Our French Farmhouse

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