Plants in My French Garden

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As I get to know a new garden and a new growing zone (9b), I thought it would be fun to create a catalog of all the plants in my French garden. So, throughout the growing season, I will be photographing and identifying plants as I spot them in my garden. This includes trees, shrubs, perennials, and yes, even lawn weeds. I’m on a mission to document every plant in my French garden, whether native or non-native. Since completeness is the goal, I will also be updating this catalog any time I add new plants to my garden.

I will be using iNaturalist to help me identify any plants that I am not familiar with. This free app uses image recognition technology to identify plants; then, asks other naturalists in your area to confirm the identification.

I am kicking off this project with a gallery of the plants that I’ve identified so far. To learn more about any of the plants shown, just hover over its picture, and it’ll show you the plant’s name, where it’s growing in my garden, and if applicable, when it blooms.

Want to see bigger pictures of the plants? Just click on any of the gallery images to start a slide show with large photos and all the plant information.

I encourage you to start a similar catalog of the plants that are growing in your garden.

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