Printable Car Repair Log

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Car Repair Log

Use this free car repair log to create a maintenance record for each of your vehicles. This will help you stay on top of important maintenance tasks, and could even help you get more money for your car when you go to sell it.

Use your car repair log to:

  • Determine when regular maintenance tasks are due
  • Track the cost of maintaining your vehicle over time
  • Look up who performed a particular repair or service
  • Determine if a part or repair failed while it was still under warranty
  • Record when and where specific recall repairs were made

Printable Car Repair Log

Printable Car Repair Log

Print Car Repair Log

Auto Records Binder

Store your log in the glove box of your car, or use my free printables to create an auto records binder like the one you see above. This will give you a spot to stash repair receipts, warranties, recall notifications, auto insurance policies and all those other records that come with owning a car.

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  1. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into the printables that you then make available at no charge.

  2. I love these all, and during the pandemic is the best time for me to get on track and better organize. Finding these is a great help.

    Thank you much,


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