Printable Craft Show Pack List

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What to Pack for a Craft Show

Setting up at craft shows takes a fair amount of planning and prep, but it can be a good way to bring in some extra money, if you’re crafty. My family and I participate in several shows a year, and overtime we’ve perfected our pack list.

To save time, we keep a lot of our craft show displays and supplies packed up between shows. This allows us to simply grab our stuff and go. But there are some things that we unpack when we get back, and that means there’s always potential to forget something the next time we head out.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, I created a craft show pack list with all the things that we need to be sure to bring. We check each item off as it gets packed, and leave confident that we have everything we need to have a good show.

Want to use my craft show pack list to help you get ready for your own shows? I’ve made it available as a free printable. Just print a copy before each show, or create a reusable copy by laminating it. If you fill it out with a wet erase marker, you can wipe it off, and use it again and again.

Printable Craft Show Packlist

Print Craft Show Pack List

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