Printable Freezer Inventory List

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Freezer Inventory List

Have trouble staying on top of what’s in your freezer? Use my freezer inventory list to keep track of what you have, so it’ll be easier to plan meals around it.

Just do a complete inventory of your freezer(s) once. Then, update your inventory list each time you add or remove something. If you hang your list on the side of your freezer, it’ll only take a second to do.

Use the left side of the page to list all the foods that you have. Use the check boxes on the right to indicate quantities.

Freezer Inventory List Filled In

I use a single diagonal line through a box to indicate something that I have. Then, I turn it into an “X” when I take it out of the freezer.

This system makes it really easy to see when we’re running low on something, and reminds me to use things up before they have a chance to become freezer-burned.

Want to Make It Reusable?

Inventory on Top of Freezer

Just laminate the page, and use a wet-erase marker to fill it out. This will allow you to wipe your list off with a damp rag, any time you need to redo your list. A permanent marker will also work. It wipes off with rubbing alcohol. Just don’t use a dry erase marker, they bead up on laminated surfaces.

Printable Freezer Inventory List

Print Freezer Inventory List

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  1. Thank you so much for this freebie! Exactly what I had in mind to keep up with veggies I’ve put up in the freezer to make sure they are used before they go bad!

  2. Erin, this is the best Freezer Inventory idea I have seen. Laminating the printout so it is reusable is brilliant. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is fantastic! Just scored a huge chest freezer and this is exactly what I needed to organize it. Thank you!

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