Printable Garden Planner

Printable Garden Planner

By Erin Huffstetler | 01/20/2014 | 9 Comments
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Bring on gardening season! I just redid my garden planner, and I think it’s the best set up that I’ve ever had.

Garden Planner Spine

But, before I show you how I decided to organize things, let’s get a garden planner started for you. Here’s a link to the printable cover. It includes a front, back and spine.

And here are some pages that you can use in your planner …

Seasonal Garden To-Do Lists

Use these seasonal garden to-do lists to keep up with your progress on important garden chores.

Print Seasonal Garden To-Do Lists

Printable Square Foot Planting Guide

If you’re a square foot gardener, this square foot planting guide is a must. Just look up the vegetable, fruit or herb that you want to plant, and it’ll tell you how many to plant per square.

Print Square Foot Planting Guide

Dibble Planting Guide

If you made a set of my dibbles to speed up your square foot planting, this dibble planting guide would be a handy addition to your garden planner. It shows you which dibble you need to use for each plant, and how deep you need to plant them.

Dibble Planting Guide

Okay, now that you have a few pages for your garden planner, let me show you what I keep in mine.

Garden Design

The first page of my planner is a copy of my garden design. Since I sometimes take my planner out to the garden with me, I decided to put all my planner pages inside page protectors. This should protect my records from getting dirty or wet.

Alphabet Tabs

I’ve always been pretty good about saving the tags and info sheets that come with plants, but I haven’t been very good about organizing them. Translation: they were all shoved in a file folder. To fix this mess, I purchased a set of alphabet index dividers

Bluejay Blueberry Plant Tag

and filed each sheet/tag by letter. A for apples, B for blueberries … you get the idea.

Gold Rush Apple Info Sheet

Then, I jumped online and printed sheets for any plants that I didn’t have information on. Now, I have a handy guide to everything I grow, and a set up that will be easy to add to over time.

As we get closer to gardening season, I’ll add additional pages to track my seed starts, bed plans and other projects. If you’re ready to get moving on these things now, you’ll find my full collection of gardening printables over on

Many web browsers have their own built-in PDF viewers, but they tend to be buggy. If you’re having trouble printing or editing one of our printables, click here for help.

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  1. I love your site and all the printables. I love your garden layout. I’m starting a new garden. Can you tell me what you used to draw out your layout? It’s so beautiful.

    • Thanks, Senica. It was done in Adobe InDesign. As programs go, it’s a little pricey. I just typed “free garden designer” into Google, and it brought back several promising results. Might be something to check out.

  2. I would love to print your garden planner, but when I follow the link, it redirects me to thebalance dot com, and there is no place to download the printable. There are lots of ads with downloadable programs, but no planner. Your pages are so inpiring, I would really love to be able to download them. Can you please send me a workable link?

    • Hi, Sonya. You just stumbled on a problem that’s currently driving me nuts. moved all of my content over to their new site,, and none of the links to my printables are currently working (in fact the links aren’t even there at all). I’m hoping they’ll resolve this soon, but it’s already been like this for two weeks. Not really sure what to do in the meantime. If it were just one or two files, I’d offer to e-mail them, but there are so many pages to that garden journal, it’s really too big to send. I have a free printable cover for a garden planner here on MFH, but I know it’s not the same as getting all of those pages. I may just have to design something for this site.

      • Hello!
        I really liked the pintables that you can view but not print on thebalance link as well. Is there any way to get a link to those that work?
        Thank you,

          • Oh my goodness! I’ve been following and checking back off and on because you’re pages are perfect and it seems that it now works! There is a little “print” button next to each image on the balance. I don’t know if that is your doing or not, but I wanted to say thank you so much!

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