Grocery Stockpile List

Printable Grocery Stockpile List

By Erin Huffstetler | 01/21/2019 | 3 Comments
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Stocking up on foods, toiletries and other household goods while they’re on sale is a smart way to avoid paying retail for the products that you use on a regular basis. Here’s a printable list of items that you should consider stockpiling.

It includes non-perishable groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, OTC medications, paper and plastic products, household goods, pet supplies and more.

If something you buy isn’t on the list, just write it in. There’s plenty of room for you to add any items you need to.

Printable Grocery Stockpile List

Print Grocery Stockpile List

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The Best Time to Stock Up

Most grocery stores follow a six-week sales cycle, which means once every six weeks you can expect the items you buy to go on sale. Track prices over time, and you’ll soon recognize when it’s time to stock up. Aim to buy enough product to get you to the next sale, so you never have to pay full-price.

Many foods also have one time of year when they hit their absolute lowest price. This is usually tied to a particular holiday or season. If you have the space, it’s smart to buy a year’s worth of these products. Here are some examples:

  • Baking supplies – cheapest around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter
  • Condiments – cheapest in the summer
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