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Printable Holiday Gift Tags

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Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Dress up your holiday gifts with these free printable holiday gift tags There are six sets to choose from. Just choose your favorite; then, print it on copy paper, card stock or full-sheet label paper.

Most of these designs are two-sided. If your printer has the ability to print on both sides of the page, be sure to check that option before you hit print. If your printer isn’t quite that fancy, just print one side. Then, put the paper back in the paper tray, and print the other side. Easy!

Silhouette Gift Tags

Print Holiday Silhouettes Gift Tags

Kraft Paper Holiday Gift Tags

Print Kraft Paper Gift Tags (one-sided design)

Simple Modern Holiday Gift Tags

Print Simple Modern Holiday Gift Tags

Manila Gift Tags with Printed Fronts

Print Manila Gift Tags with Printed Fronts

Traditional Manila Holiday Gift Tags

Print Manila Gift Tags with Plain Fronts

Victorian Round Holiday Gift Tags

Print Victorian Rounds Gift Tags

Many web browsers have their own built-in PDF viewers, but they tend to be buggy. If you’re having trouble printing or editing one of our printables, click here for help.

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