Printable Holiday Planner

Printable Holiday Planner

By Erin Huffstetler | 11/14/2014 | 15 Comments
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It’s never too early to start your holiday planning – especially if you want to keep things low stress and low cost. Use this printable holiday planner to stay on top of it all.

Print Holiday Planner Binder Cover

Printable Calendar Page

Print Calendar Page

Christmas To-Do List

Print Holiday To-Do List

Christmas Budget Form

Print Christmas Budget Form

Christmas Gift List Printable

Print Christmas Gift List

Printable Christmas Card List

Print Christmas Card List

Holiday Baking Planner

Print Holiday Baking Planner

Holiday Menu Planner

Print Holiday Menu Planner

Printable Christmas Dinner Checklist

Print Christmas Dinner Checklist

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  1. I am new to your site, and I noticed you often mention how you get things for free or get gift cards for free that you can use to purchase items. Where do find the free items or earn the gift cards? Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!

    • Hi Christine,

      Good question. I get my freebies lots of different ways — by couponing, rebating, requesting samples, etc. I plan to start sharing killer deals when I come across them, so you can do them, too. In fact, I should have a toilet paper deal up later today.

  2. Hey Erin,

    Any possibility of fillable forms in the future? These are great but my writing’s a disgrace these days. Thanks for all you do!!

  3. If you have the Acrobat full program you can use the Form Wizard to convert them to fillable forms to use on your computer.

  4. Erin,
    I was looking on your site for a print address book (I know you used to have one) and the Christmas Card list was the closest I could find) and I wanted to ask you if you have gotten away from a print one and are now using a digitized one and if so, may I ask which one you use as well as if you do, do you print it off (I see SO many…myself included that have LOST contacts and before I go down this road AGAIN…I wanted your input)? Thank you.


  1. […] Last year, I invited my two older girls (9 years old) to a Holiday Planning Party. The three of us brought notebooks or clipboards, and ordered appetizers at a special restaurant (really, it was just Fatz Café, but fun for us!). We had a little open forum discussion about our ideas and inspirations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. We brainstormed, made a Christmas bucket list, and talked about our favorite holiday memories. Did this simplify the holidays? Not really, but it did help my big kids take responsibility for making our holidays a success and increased the anticipation and appreciation. Click here for a free Holiday Planner to help you get a jump on the busy season! […]

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