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Printable Holiday Planner

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Printable Holiday Planner

It’s never too early to start your holiday planning – especially if you want to keep things low stress and low cost. Use this free, printable holiday planner to help you stay organized.

Printable Holiday Planner Cover

Here’s a cover that you can use to get your holiday planner started. It includes a front, back and spine. Just slip it into a binder, and you’re good to go.

Print Holiday Planner Binder Cover

Now, let’s work on building out the inside of your planner.

Printable December Calendar

This calendar is just the thing to help you keep track of all your holiday parties, events and travel plans. It’s undated, so if you want to print one for November, December and January you can definitely do that. And if you want to get ahead by printing several year’s worth of calendar pages, you can do that, too.

Print Calendar Page

Printable Christmas To-Do List

Use this Christmas to-do list to make sure you don’t forget to do anything important. It’s organized by category – baking, budgeting, decorations, etc. – and has plenty of room for you to add your own tasks.

Print Holiday To-Do List

Printable Holiday Budget Worksheet

It’s easy to blow your holiday budget on gifts, but it’s just as easy to blow it by failing to take all of those other holiday expenses into account – things like decorations, shipping costs and tips. Use this holiday budget worksheet to plan for all those things, so your budget comes out right where it should.

Print Christmas Budget Form

Printable Holiday Spending Worksheet

This holiday spending worksheet gives you another way to track your spending throughout the season. It has an extra column to record how much over or under you came for each expense you budgeted for. This can be useful information when you go to set next year’s budget.

Print Holiday Spending Worksheet

Printable Holiday Gift List

Use this printable to create your holiday gift list. It has space to list gift ideas for each person, as well as space to track when gifts have been bought/made, wrapped and given. There’s even a column to keep up with the cost of each gift, so you can see how you’re doing on your gift budget.

Print Christmas Gift List

Printable Christmas Card List

Take some of the work out of sending Christmas cards by using this printable to create a Christmas card list. Once you have everyone’s names and addresses in one place, it should only take a few minutes each year to update your list.

Print Christmas Card List

Printable Holiday Baking Planner

Use this baking planner to map out all your holiday baking plans. It has spots to note the source of each recipe, how many batches you need to make and which event or person you’re making the recipe for. There’s even a spot to write out your grocery list and to check off recipes as they’ve been made and sent.

Print Holiday Baking Planner

Printable Holiday Menu Planner

Hosting Christmas dinner, or having a Christmas party? Use this holiday menu planner to plan out each course, and create your grocery list.

Print Holiday Menu Planner

Printable Christmas Dinner Checklist

There’s more to hosting Christmas dinner than planning the menu and preparing the food. Use this Christmas dinner checklist to break up all those other tasks into manageable chunks, so you don’t get time crunched, or leave off anything important.

Print Christmas Dinner Checklist

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  1. I am new to your site, and I noticed you often mention how you get things for free or get gift cards for free that you can use to purchase items. Where do find the free items or earn the gift cards? Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!

    1. Hi Christine,

      Good question. I get my freebies lots of different ways — by couponing, rebating, requesting samples, etc. I plan to start sharing killer deals when I come across them, so you can do them, too. In fact, I should have a toilet paper deal up later today.

  2. Hey Erin,

    Any possibility of fillable forms in the future? These are great but my writing’s a disgrace these days. Thanks for all you do!!

  3. If you have the Acrobat full program you can use the Form Wizard to convert them to fillable forms to use on your computer.

  4. Erin,
    I was looking on your site for a print address book (I know you used to have one) and the Christmas Card list was the closest I could find) and I wanted to ask you if you have gotten away from a print one and are now using a digitized one and if so, may I ask which one you use as well as if you do, do you print it off (I see SO many…myself included that have LOST contacts and before I go down this road AGAIN…I wanted your input)? Thank you.

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