Printable Monthly Spending Worksheet

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Free Monthly Spending Worksheet

Need to figure out where your money is going, so you can start to make better financial decisions? Use this free monthly spending worksheet to track your spending over the next month, and you’ll soon have the answer.

Just save your receipts throughout the week. Then, carve out a few minutes over the weekend to review your purchases and divide them into categories – groceries, household, vehicles, personal care, entertainment and other.

If you pay for purchases with your phone, or order things online, be sure to log into your bank and/or credit card accounts to review your account statements. This will remind you of any purchases that you may not have a physical receipt for.

Once you’ve reviewed all your purchases, total your spending in each category, and input the totals in the “Week 1” column of the worksheet. Repeat the process for the remaining weeks of the month, and you’ll soon have a clear picture of how you’re spending your money.

Printable Monthly Spending Worksheet

Printable Monthly Spending Worksheet

Print Monthly Spending Worksheet

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See areas where you’re spending too much? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Now that you’ve identified the problem, you can work to fix it.

Monthly Budget Worksheet

Here’s a free budget worksheet that you can use to get your spending back on track.

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  1. This is AWESOME… curious, do you use credit cards to pay for all your “needs” including above as well as use credit cards to pay your monthly bills or do you use auto draft from your bank account or debit card? I’ve read some say to use credit for security and rewards but am reading that these benefits are being reduced? Thank you

    1. Hey Rhonda,

      We pay our monthly bills with auto drafts from our checking account. We don’t earn rewards doing it that way, but it eliminates the extra step of having to pay the credit card off, and I just think seeing your bank account balance dwindle as bills are paid helps to make your money seem more finite.

  2. Thank you so very much for these. I hope I can get them to print out. They will be of a great help. Blessings, Mary Jane

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