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Printable Shipping Labels

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Shipping Labels

Have a bunch of gifts to get in the mail this week? Use these free, printable shipping labels to get the job done.

Printable Shipping Labels

Print Shipping Labels

You can print them and hand write the recipients name and address, or you can type that information in before you hit print, whichever you prefer.

If you want to change the font style, size or color, just hit “Ctrl + E” to bring up a menu of options. You can use any font that you have loaded on your computer.

These printable shipping labels can be printed on full-sheet shipping label stock and cut out, or printed to 3-1/3″ x 4″ shipping label stock (Avery 5164 or equivalent), so that they come out of the printer cut and ready to use. Having the labels pre-cut is nice, but since every printer jogs the file a bit differently, the alignment could end up a bit off, if you go this route. For that reason, I recommend printing these to full-sheet labels. Cutting them out just takes a second.

When you go to print these, make sure your printer is set to print “actual size.” Often the printer defaults to “fit” or “shrink oversized pages.” Either of these options will cause the page to print smaller than intended. This is especially important, if you’re printing to the pre-cut labels.

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