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Printable Tea Bag Wrappers

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Printable Tea Bag Wrappers

Need a Mother’s Day gift, a teacher’s gift or a small thinking-of-you gift? If you have a tea lover in your life, I have the perfect idea for you. Just pick up a box of tea bags, and replace the wrappers with these pretty printable ones.

Poppy Tea Bags

There’s a poppy set that’s perfect for any occasion …

Mother's Day Tea

and an almond blossom set for Mother’s Day.

Printable Mother's Day Tea Bags

Just pick the design that you want to use; print it out; and cut and fold the wrappers into shape. Then, bundle them up, and give them as is or incorporate them into a gift basket.

Poppy Tea Bag Wrappers Printable

Mother's Day Tea Bag Wrapper Printable


  • Print the poppy set on kraft paper (as I did), for a fun look
  • Use a craft punch to make a coordinating cover for the little hang tags at the end of each bag

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