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Printable Trip Pack List

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Trip Pack List

Packing for a trip is never fun, and neither is discovering that you left something important at home. So, I created a free trip pack list to make the packing experience less painful. It lists 124 commonly packed items, and includes room for you to add your own. Use it to get your next trip started off on the right foot.

Printable Trip Pack List

If you travel often, you may find it useful to laminate this pack list, so you can reuse it over and over, without having to print additional copies. Just check items off with a wet erase marker (a dry erase marker won’t work as well); then, use a bit of spray cleaner to wipe it off when you’re done.

Second Page of Pack List

I keep this pack list in my household notebook, so I know just where to find it when it’s time to prep for our next adventure.

Print Trip Pack List

Printable Pre-Trip Checklist

Be sure to grab a copy of this pre-trip checklist, too. It breaks down all the tasks you need to take care of before you leave town, so you don’t overlook anything important.

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  1. I am thrilled that i found your site. i have ran a few forms that will help me tremendously so far-and i thank u very much for your hard work. i did sign up for four newsletter-cant wait for those! you are special little lady-and have a gift that will help alot of disorganized people like myself -and in every category too!! stephanie nelson

  2. Ty. Love your site, your lists, you are the most organized sister I nor had! Love you and thanks!

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