Printable Yard Sale and Garage Sale Signs

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Printable Yard and Garage Sale Signs

Getting ready for a yard sale or garage sale? Here are some free, printable signs you can use to advertise your sale.

Printable Yard Sale Sign - Left Arrow

Printable  Yard Sale Sign - Right Arrow

These are the yard sale signs. There’s one with a left-facing arrow and one with a right-facing arrow. Just print as many as you need of each.

Print Yard Sale Signs

Printable Garage Sale Sign - Left Arrow

Printable Garage Sale Sign - Right Arrow

Here are the garage sale signs. There’s a left and right arrow version of these, too.

Print Garage Sale Signs

I recommend printing your signs on card stock or mounting them on cardboard, so they can’t flop over. Be sure to write your address and the time for your sale in large, bold print. You want your signs to be easy to read from a distance.

If you have a sale every year, consider laminating your signs, so you can reuse them again and again. This will also protect them from dew or rain.

Garage Sale Sign in Yard

Put your signs out a few days ahead of your sale, and mark all possible routes to your house, so you draw in as many customers as possible.

More Ways to Advertise Your Yard Sale or Garage Sale

When we have a yard sale, we always pay for an ad in the newspaper, and post it on Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace. Here are a few tricks we’ve learned over the years:

  • Having a multi-day sale? Buy a separate newspaper listing for each day. If you just buy one ad, and people don’t see it until the second day, they may assume your sale is picked over and skip it. Having a fresh listing for each day avoids this; and it usually doesn’t cost any more. This strategy also allows you to tailor your ad to each day. Our second-day ad usually mentions that everything will be a quarter after a certain time. This always brings in lots of customers (and quarters).
  • Set your sale up early, so you can snap pictures to include in your Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace listings. Then, update your listings throughout the sale. If you decide to mark everything half price, or to have a bag sale, go back and add that. We’ve had customers come back and buy more, just because they saw our update.
  • Sell your yard sale leftovers, so you won’t have to pack them up. An hour before our yard sale is over, we snap pictures of everything that’s left. Then, we offer it up as a lot on Craigslist and Facebook. Resellers love to buy yard sale leftovers. If you manage to find a taker, you’ll only have your tables and racks to put away. It’s the best. You can read about one of the times we did this here.

More Yard Sale Printables to Help You Get Ready

Printable Yard Sale Checklist

Printable Yard Sale Checklist

Printable Yard Sale Pricing Guide

Printable Yard Sale Pricing Guide

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