Reupholstered Office Chair

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Kneeling Chair Before

When we had our yard sale last weekend, my neighbor gave us two office chairs to sell, including this kneeling chair. My youngest daughter fell in love with it, so when it didn’t sell after the first day, she asked if we could keep it. I agreed, and immediately started imagining what it would look like reupholstered.

Chair Fabric

So, yesterday, I dug around in my fabric stash, and pulled out this piece of upholstery fabric. It’s actually a curtain panel that I picked up at a yard sale thinking it would be useful at some point. (Apparently I was right).

Remove Upolstery

Then, I grabbed a flat head screw driver, a pair of pliers and my husband, and we went to work pulling out all the staples from the underside of the chair. Incidentally, this is at least the third upholstery job (and home) that this chair has had. Love it.

Cutting Fabric for Chair

Once all the staples were out, I laid my fabric out on the floor, and used the fabric that I’d just removed from the chair as my template. Then, I just cut my fabric out, and dove into reupholstering the chair.

Funny thing: We couldn’t get our staple gun to work, so we had to borrow one, and guess who we borrowed one from? Our neighbor that gave us the chair. Ha!

If you’ve never reupholstered anything, it’s a lot easier than you’d guess. I just placed my fabric on top of the foam cushion, and made sure I had enough overhang all the way around to secure it to the back of the chair. Then, I started stapling it in place. To keep my fabric pattern straight, and ensure everything ended up tight and bunch-free, I first stapled the fabric in the center on all sides. Then, I kept working my way around the chair, until I had everything secure and looking nice. Easy peasy.

Kneeling Chair After

And the results? Pretty nifty, I think. We plan to use it at our cabin.

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