Roasting Turkey for Lunch Meat

Roasting Turkey for Lunchmeat

By Erin Huffstetler | 02/11/2014 | No Comments

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: roasting your own lunch meat can save a TON of money. But just how much are we really talking? I got busy crunching numbers again to find out.

Last Thanksgiving, I stocked up on whole turkeys while they were on sale for $.69 a pound. I pulled a 15.64 lb turkey out of the freezer the other day, and roasted it.


If you’ve never roasted a turkey, I have a tutorial to walk you through the process:

From my $10.67 turkey, I ended up with 4.5 pounds of meat. I then used the carcass to make turkey broth. That yielded 5.5 pints.

To determine the street value of the meat and broth, I headed to Kroger.

Deli Turkey Breast

Turkey breast sells for a whopping $9.99 a pound in the deli. Crazy! And a quart of (chicken) broth sells for $3.

Broth Price Tag

So, that’s $10.67, if I make my own lunch meat and broth or $53.21, if I decide to buy it. A $42.54 difference!

I think I’ll stick to making my own. Gotta love when the tastiest and healthiest option is the cheapest, too.

More Price Comparisons

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