Salvation Army Score: White Dishes

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White Dishes

When these white dishes landed in my local Salvation Army a couple months ago, I was totally psyched. I’m always on the lookout for more white dishes to add to my party stash. As you may remember, I like to throw no-waste parties. Instead of buying disposable products for each party, I use real dishes, glasses and silverware. It’s lots nicer; it costs less; and it’s good for the environment, too. Go here to read more about my no-waste party set up.

White dishes work for any party theme, and it’s fairly easy to piece together a set on the cheap. You don’t even have to stick to a single brand to get a cohesive look. Pretty much every company makes a basic white plate. Restaurant-grade dishes are my preference because they’re extra sturdy, and they show up in thrift stores often enough.

Dish Hallmark

See where it says,”ALibbey Food Service Company”? That’s a sure sign you’re getting something sturdy.

But, unfortuntately, my excitement for these dishes ended there because the plates were priced at $3.99 each, and the bowls were priced at $2.99 each. With 19 plates and 18 bowls, that would have been $129.63! Way out of my range.

We’ll, turns out, they were out of everyone else’s range too because after they sat around for a couple months, they got marked down to $.25 each. And, let me tell you, at that price, I couldn’t load them into my cart fast enough.

So I got the whole stack of dishes for $9.25 and tax – a killer deal.

But wait, there’s more …

Because, you may recall that my Salvation Army store gives away free bread with every purchase.

2 Free Loaves of Bread

And that means my lovely new dishes came with two lovely loaves of bread. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

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  1. A nice set of restaurant dishes. And i’m glad you waited to get them at a good price. A pet peeve of mine are thrift stores asking what a regular housewares department store would ask. If i had extra money. I’d rather be shopping at William Sonoma too!

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