Save Money on Lunchmeat

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Save Money on Lunch Meat

Those little packages of lunch meat that they sell at the grocery stores are crazy expensive, and the deli prices aren’t much better. Calculate the per-pound cost, and you could easily buy steak for what you’re paying for those thin sandwiches slices. It’s madness!

But I have an easy work around for ya: just buy whole chickens, turkeys and hams when you find them on sale, and roast them for lunch meat. You’ll get nice, thick slices of meat for sandwiches (more like what you’d get in a restaurant), and you won’t get all the sodium and chemicals that they pump into store-bought lunch meat.

I snagged two 15-pound turkeys yesterday during the Thanksgiving sales, and I paid just $.69 per pound. That’s a phenomenal price for lunch meat, and after I roast my birds, I can use the carcasses to make turkey broth. A nice bonus!

If you’ve never roasted meat before, stay tuned for a tutorial.

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