Shoe Size Conversion Chart

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Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Do you know what your shoe size is in Europe and Japan? Nope, neither do I. But it can be really handy information when you’re out thrifting or yard saling and you come across the perfect pair of shoes in a size that you’re not familiar with.

French High Top Sneakers

Like these adorable French high tops that I spotted in a thrift store last year. I knew my youngest daughter would love them, but I didn’t know what her European shoe size was, and she wasn’t with me to try them on. I decided to take a gamble on them, and happily, they ended up being the right size.

Since then, I’ve picked up several other pairs of European-made shoes for my kids, and I’ve always been impressed with the quality. They’ve had leather uppers, leather insoles and all of the other details that were common here in the U.S. 30 years ago.

To make it easier to jump on a good shoe deal, I decided to create a shoe size conversion chart to take with me when I shop. Now, I can just look up a U.S. shoe size, and scan across the chart to see all of the international equivalents. Pretty spiffy.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

And because I like to share, I’m making my conversion chart available to you, too. Just print a copy, and you’re all set to snag a deal.

Print Shoe Size Conversion Chart

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