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  • Garden Journal - Complete Refill

    Garden Journal – Complete Refill


    This is the complete refill for my Reader's Digest garden journal. It includes all 114 pages that you got the first time, including the seed pockets, plant tag pockets, storage pockets and envelopes. It just doesn't include the cover and the dividers, since you already have those. Slip this refill into your garden journal, and you'll be ready for another garden season.

    Only need a refill for one section of your journal? Check my other listings to find the refill that you're after.

    Please note: These pages have been sized and punched to fit my Reader's Digest garden journals.

  • Mason Bee House

    Mason Bee House


    Attract mason bees to your garden with a mason bee house. These little bees are the first to emerge in the spring, so you definitely want them around, if you have fruit trees, strawberries, blueberries or other early bloomers in your yard. Mason bees are a lot smaller than honey bees, but they’re much more effective at pollinating. They successfully pollinate 95% of the flowers they visits; while honey bees only successfully pollinate 5%. And they visit twice as many flowers in a day.

    Since mason bees are solitary bees, they’re not aggressive like honey bees, and they’re a lot less work, too. Just hang one of our mason bee houses, and you’ll have tenants in no time. Mason bees build their nests in existing holes – just like the ones in our houses. Then, they seal their eggs in with mud, and that’s where they remain, until they hatch the following spring.

    Our mason bee houses have 24 nesting holes, and are built out of cedar, so they’ll last for many seasons. Mounting hardware is included. Just hang your mason bee house facing south, and wait for the bees to come. You don’t have to do anything else to attract them.

  • Reader's Digest Garden Journals

    Reader’s Digest Garden Journal


    The My Frugal Home Garden Journal is as beautiful as it is functional. It's made from the cover of a vintage Reader's Digest, and contains 114 hand-designed pages with everything you need to plan and manage your garden.

    It includes:

    Garden planners
    Square foot garden planners
    Square foot planting guide
    Monthly planting planner
    Seasonal planting planner
    Seasonal to-do lists
    Garden project tracker
    Seed starting record
    Plant profile pages
    Plant records
    Pest & problems tracker
    Fertilizer/soil amendment records
    Harvest records
    Seed saving records
    Garden expense worksheet
    Journal pages

    It also includes:

    (4) Seed pockets
    (2) Plant tag pockets
    (2) Storage pockets
    (1) Envelope for storing receipts
    Note pages

    The journal is broken up into four tabbed sections: To-Do, Records, Planning and Journal, and includes an extra tab that you can use however you'd like.

    The large grommets and two-inch rings set into the spine make it easy to expand the journal over time. Just open the rings to insert your own pages or one of our refills. I want you to be able to use this journal for many years, so I offer a full refill, as well as refills for each section. Order just what you need to keep your journal going, and nothing more.

    I have a large collection of Reader's Digest books. Just pick your favorite color, and I'll surprise you with the pattern.

    Keep in Mind: Since the covers for these garden journals are made from vintage books (some dating back to the 1950s), they could arrive with minor wear or imperfections. I'll send you a journal with character, but I won't send you one with damage. I want you to be over-the-moon excited about your purchase.