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  • Bug Bar

    Bug Bar


    Keep bugs away without applying a bunch of questionable chemicals to your skin. Our all-natural bug bars use essential oils, like citronella and peppermint, to repel mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. And since they also contain shea butter, olive oil and beeswax, they're great for your skin, too. Just rub the bar over your skin, and repeat as needed. This is a solid stick of lotion. Store it in a travel soap container, so you can take it with you on the go.

    Approximate net weight: 3 oz.

  • Bug Sticks

    Bug Stick


    Keep mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs away without applying nasty chemicals to your skin. This all-natural bug stick use essential oils to repel bugs, and comes packaged in a deodorant-style tube, so it's easy to take on the go. Just rub it on your skin, and enjoy your time outdoors.

    Our bug sticks contain shea butter, beeswax and olive oil, so they're great for your skin. They go on heavy, making it easy to catch missed spots. Then, and soak in within 15 minutes.

    Net wt. 1.65 oz.

  • Mason Bee House

    Mason Bee House


    Attract mason bees to your garden with a mason bee house. These little bees are the first to emerge in the spring, so you definitely want them around, if you have fruit trees, strawberries, blueberries or other early bloomers in your yard. Mason bees are a lot smaller than honey bees, but they’re much more effective at pollinating. They successfully pollinate 95% of the flowers they visits; while honey bees only successfully pollinate 5%. And they visit twice as many flowers in a day.

    Since mason bees are solitary bees, they’re not aggressive like honey bees, and they’re a lot less work, too. Just hang one of our mason bee houses, and you’ll have tenants in no time. Mason bees build their nests in existing holes – just like the ones in our houses. Then, they seal their eggs in with mud, and that’s where they remain, until they hatch the following spring.

    Our mason bee houses have 24 nesting holes, and are built out of cedar, so they’ll last for many seasons. Mounting hardware is included. Just hang your mason bee house facing south, and wait for the bees to come. You don’t have to do anything else to attract them.