2016 Tea Towel Calendar

2016 Tea Towel Calendar


Back in the day, women used to buy a new tea towel calendar for their kitchen each year. They'd hang it on the wall and use it as their kitchen calendar; then, when the year was over, they'd take it down, and use it as a dish towel. It's a wonderful tradition, and it's one that I'd like to keep going. So, each year, I'll be releasing a new design. My 2016 tea towel calendar is the third in my collection, and it features six slices of pie all plated up and waiting to be served.

To capture the look and feel of a vintage towel, these have been printed on thick cotton-linen canvas, and measure in at a generous 15.25″ x 24.75,” (approx). Your towel will arrive to you pre-washed and ready for use, and like all good towels, will just get softer and more fabulous each time you wash it.

These towels make great gifts. Start a collection for someone this year. Then, add to it each year. I have several people on my gift list who have come to expect these.

Note: These towels don't come with a rod pocket, but there's plenty of space at the top to add one, if you'd like.

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