Cutting Board Butter

Cutting Board Butter


Good-quality cutting boards are an investment. Keep them conditioned and protected by applying cutting board butter to them regularly. My cutting board butter is a blend of food-grade mineral oil and beeswax, and is formulated to keep your cutting boards at their best. The mineral oil penetrates the wood to restore moisture, and the beeswax forms a protective coating to help minimize the occurrence of food stains and to keep water and foods from penetrating the wood. Apply a coat whenever your cutting boards feel dry, and you'll greatly extend their life.

Cutting board butter is a great way to bring out the natural beauty of unfinished woods. It can also be used on wooden spoons, rolling pins, butcher blocks, salad bowls and other wooden objects.

What You'll Get: an 8-oz. jar of cutting board butter (packaged in a wide-mouth jar for ease-of-use). If you'd like to buy a smaller amount, check out my wooden spoon butter. It's the same product, sold in a 4-oz. jar.



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