Freezer Find-It Magnets


Keeping up with what's in your freezer can be a real challenge, and it gets even trickier if you have more than one freezer. Did you put that bag of corn in your kitchen freezer or your chest freezer? Right now, you probably dig until you find what you're looking for, or until your fingers get so cold you give up, but there's a better solution. Just order a set of my Freezer Find-It Magnets, and you'll know what's inside your freezer before you even open the door.

Each set comes with 64 magnetic labels, listing all the foods that you're likely to store in your freezer, plus 18 blank labels that you can customize to your needs. As you place items in your freezer, just stick the corresponding magnet on the door, and you'll know what you have and which freezer its in.

Feel like you're always losing things in your chest freezer? These magnets can solve that, too. Just stick each magnet on the side of the freezer the item is on, and you'll know where to start your search.

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